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Founded in 2017, Huilo Huilo Music Festival has positioned itself as one of the most relevant music training festivals in the continent. Under the artistic direction of Otto Derolez, Concertmaster of the Brussels Philharmonic, the Festival has received some of the most prominent musicians of Chile and abroad, who have been part of a collaborative work guided by the outstanding musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra.

      Music in Nature

The festival focuses its pedagogical approach around 4 fundamental pillars:

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Through individual instrumental lessons and consistent practice time, the performer learns to develop abilities like discipline, sustained effort and mental control, while fostering a healthy relationship between self-demand and compassion. 


Through at least 20h of highly artistically demanding chamber music and orchestral rehearsals, the collaborative work with the Brussels Philharmonic String Quartet enhances in the participants abilities like communication, willingness to listen, decision-making, tolerance, respect and empathy; all of them crucial abilities for any musician that tries to make their own way in the professional music world.



One of the magical aspects of classical music is its ability to connect the composer to the performer through time, the performer to the audience in spite of the distance, and today’s audience with yesterday’s composer and audience, breaking through any temporary or spatial distance. These different levels of connection can only be achieved if the performer has a level of mindfulness that goes beyond themselves, something that requires constant practice of connecting with oneself and with one’s environment. At Huilo Huilo Music Festival, audiences and nature are at the core of the creative process. 


At Huilo Huilo Music Festival we are aware that, in order to develop a successful career in the music world, talent cannot work on its own. It is also necessary to have access to opportunities of collaboration with different institutions and renowned orchestras. This is why the Festival, while representing in itself a great networking opportunity for its participants, also offers them numerous opportunities for professional development, from recitals in selected venues or concerts as soloists with symphony orchestras, to the especial prize for most outstanding Latin American participant: a one-year contract with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra.


About the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra


The Brussels Philharmonic has positioned itself as one of the most relevant orchestras in the world scene, leading a series of innovative initiatives such as CFFOR: 21 Century Focus, Brussels Young Philharmonic, Youth Orchestra Flanders, and Huilo Huilo Music Festival, while also being the Orchestra in Residence of the indisputable Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition 

About Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve


The beginning of the Huilo Huilo project in Los Ríos Region gave way to a new era for that area that is nourished by the beauty of its landscapes and the high value of its flora and fauna. Situated in the heart of the tropical jungle of the Chilean Patagonia, under the imposing Andes mountain range, the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve maintains a strong commitment with the conservation of nature and of local culture through sustainable touristic and cultural projects. More information about the Reserve, its history, its biodiversity and the community of the region can be found in their website below 

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